What do you do when the North East of America is stuck in a deep freeze with minus -20F weather? You day dream of your recent trip to Los Cabos of course!

About a month or so ago I had the absolute pleasure and joy to travel to Los Cabos with my friend and fellow wedding photographer Matei Horvath. I usually don't take too many pictures for myself when I travel but this time, I did. Maybe because I had time to take it all in and actually relax which doesn't really happen too often on work trips.

We stayed at  Hilton Los Cabos hotel which, as you will see in my pictures below, is a beautiful place! The people were simply amazing! Warm, welcoming, and most importantly with a palpable love of life. From checking in and getting served a ice cold Marguerita by our wonderful valet, to the wedding coordinators we had the joy of working with and everybody in between, I couldn't have asked for better people to be surrounded with on this trip.

On my time off, I choose to relax either on my private patio overlooking the ocean or on the shady patio of the Eforea Spa. The ceiling fans were on during the hot part of the day so it was a quiet, cool place to just be and do absolutely nothing. They also have soft, relaxing music playing and it smells incredible from the massage oils.

As a coffee lover, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Starbucks serving shop on site.  It's called "Dulce"  (fun fact: "Dulce" means "sweet" in both Spanish and Romanian ) and from the outside, it looks like a regular gift shop. Inside, you will find that they serve all of your Starbucks favorites, ice cream and even cotton candy. It is a really neat spot and I am so happy it was there- I enjoy living on the wild side but familiar coffee is a must for me. The prices are decent and they do accept US dollars. The caffeine struggle is real y'all!

I got so spoiled with the hotel shops accepting US dollars that I was expecting the same for the shops at Los Cabos airport. Needless to say, I found myself in a shop line with only US dollars and they were not accepting the currency. Fortunately, the nice lady there gave me my order short a couple of Mexican cents but still-- be warned, once you leave your comfy hotel, real life is REAL

I really enjoyed the design and decor of this hotel. As a photographer I am inspired by everything around me and this was such a calming peaceful place to be in. The decor definitely contributed to the overall feel with muted beach colors and earthy, grounding textures.

The food was delicious and I particularly enjoyed a salad I had at the Azul tapas bar- not sure what the name was but It was one of the only vegetarian dishes on the menu (maybe you can show them the picture and they'll recognize it :) aaaand the view was amazing - I highly recommend this place!

On our first day, Matei wanted to try Mio. We both had tacos and they were sooooo good. I can't speak for him but maybe because I now live in New England and I am taco deprived most of the time I really enjoyed my dish. I enjoyed it so much I didn't even have time to take pictures of it :)

Bottom line is, if you travel to Los Cabos, Hilton is a beautiful place where to relax and have some well deserved rest. You will love it there! I am looking forward to returning myself, hopefully in the near future.

Love always,





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