...of anything. I have been fantasizing a lot about other places, other spaces. The world is an amazing, beautiful place. It simply asks to be explored. Lately it feels like such a waste of life, living  in a large city, crammed up with no space to breathe, no space to let your mind wonder.

They say West coast is the chill coast. But is it? Life moves at an alarming speed here. The daily "hustle" and "goal chasing" is exhausting.(  Please stop talking about it... :)) 

Whenever I imagine where I would like to live, the first thing that comes to mind, now that Enso is around, is him running wild on an open field somewhere, picking rocks and sticks and playing in a cold water stream. Walking with him on a dirt road somewhere and enjoying a nice soft breeze. Second thing that pops into my head is where I would like to drink my morning coffee. I picture the large windows, breakfast nook, morning sun shining through on hardwood floors. I crave the calm and quiet. I dream of it every day- the simple comfort that comes from being amidst beauty... I think our happy places say a lot about us and those we have around. About how we relax.  I also think that the things I might take for granted as I write this, are not in other places. And I know that if we ever move away from LA, I will miss it dearly. I will most likely miss the amazing food and beautiful cultures intertwining in the every day. ( Mexican food is so sad everywhere else. I m not sure if I will ever cope with the lack of it.) But I miss the beauty in the everyday more. I don't want to drive around for it for hours. I want it outside my front door. 


What is your happy place? I would love to get a conversation started- a conversation about the simple things, the sometimes forgotten but oh so important things in life...

Idena :)


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