I am diving head on into film.

As a new mom, I take a lot of pictures of my son Enso. Really…thousands… The absolute sweetest- melts-my-heart-moment-of-the-day is when he is asleep and I just quietly get to watch him. I never want to forget these moments. I promised myself early on that I won't forget anything. But, you know what?! I did forget a lot of things… I took this video for myself. So that I never forget.  { If you would like a video of your baby sleeping, please contact me. I would love to capture that for you :) }

Enso Sleeping

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby :) Shot with the new Nikon D810

Filmed by Idena Beach

Edited by Michael Beach

Night Time Lapse: Michael Beach

Music: "Tonight" by JJ Heller ( licensed through www.themusicbed.com )

Gabby and Adam Highlight

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